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TOPIC atoz
Flamingo Resort 33
GSHRadio 31
Flock Talk 25
flamingo 18
Flamingo 8
Entertainment 7
Gregory Henchar 6
Justin Heinrich 6
Rainbow Hour 6
Tiffany McCray 6
Flamingo Resort St Pete 5
Thanksgiving 4
3 impressions in one 3
@mikemcgintyface on twitter 3
Adolph Oliver Nipple 3
Alan Dershowitz talks about superficial diversity 3
All restaurants are going to be Taco Bell 3
Allow individuality instead of doing things like this and fucking him up 3
Another employee had a public relations issue recently 3
Anthony selling anti Opie shirts is a dick move 3
Arabic writing 3
Balance Tampa Bay 3
Bar 3
Bear Soup 3
Blonde Japanese fat wrestler Vs. Joey Ryan 3
Bums! 3
Celebrities 3
Christian Bale batman voice 3
Christmas tree behind me 3
Coca-cola plug 3
Cock and no balls in Devil's advocate style 3
Coughing like an asshole 3
Could my penis lift things? 3
Dimples spiky hair 3
Don't throw cups at mentally retarded people 3
Evil Mickey Mouse attacking Me 3
Evil Mickey Mouse hopes I die 3
Evil Mickey Mouse is ripping off the Russian 3
First week I've missed in a while 3
Flash is glitchy technology 3
Free flowing free form madness 3
Fuck you mic wire 3
Fucking up an Elvis quote 3
Fucking up talking again 3
Full screen not working for some reason 3
Funny in the article again 3 3
Gun control and mental illness debate 3
Halloween decorations just came down 3
Halloween eyeball for the periscope videos 3
Have you ever fucked up and say the wrong word? 3
He could have just been really dirty 3
He flipped him over with his penis!! 3
He is kind of saying he doesn't support gender equality 3
He really flipped him with his penis 3
He tries to say he likes smart women 3
He will be on at some point in the future 3
Hell no 3
Helping to take care of him 3
Homo eroticism in pro wrestling 3
Hook up culture 3
How does one define that? 3
Hulking up the cock 3
I can make my penis twitch 3
I can see both sides 3
I can't deal with this guy 3
I can't get the fucking keyboard off my screen and now a video starts playing 3
I can't stop starting at myself 3
I could be mistaken for a down syndrome guy 3
I could take a Flamingo 3
I could take a hedgehog 3
I could use my penis to bring in grocery bags 3
I didn't clear my throat before I started talking 3
I didn't do a show last week 3
I didn't have anything to do with setting it up 3
I didn't pay much attention 3
I don't agree 3
I don't know how I feel about it 3
I don't understand why people are saying I'm losing my mind 3
I excelled at English and did horribly at math 3
I had a dream people were trying to kill me because of this podcast 3
I had a leather trench coat and leather hat 3
I had dyed blonde hair for years 3
I had one of my stupid ass premises that I forgot 3
I have a text message 3
I have to stop yelling 3
I hope the squirrel bites him 3
I hope this doesn't become a viral sensation like the fire in the hole thing 3
I hope this doesn't mean I have to leave 3
I kind of like that this is a news story just because he messed up his words 3
I like this story 3
I make faces too 3
I may have to try this 3
I need to shave 3
I reject a phone call 3
I remember when I was about 17 saying self defecating when I meant self deprecating 3
I sound like MLK 3
I still think I could take a squirrel 3
I support ya 3
I think I could take a squirrel 3
I think I've covered most crazy sexual topics 3
I thought nobody in their mind would call a mentally retarded person names to their face 3
I tried to dye my hair with food coloring once 3
I value this time 3
I was never really a pro-marriage guy 3
I wonder if she wound up and pitched it 3
I'm a skinny stupid fatso 3
I'm a stupid fucking stupid asshole 3
I'm back! 3
I'm giving you the opportunity to do that for me 3
I'm going to say fuck a lot 3
I'm going to say fuck a lot bumper sticker idea 3
I'm happy with the numbers I'm seeing on 3
I'm not abandoning this premise 3
I'm running next time I see a squirrel 3
If Johnny hasn't listened much he will be surprised by the new direction 3
If it slows down the audio fuck off 3
Impression 3
Impression for 5 people 3
Instead he said he was into anal sex 3
Interact with me live on periscope 3
Intro song choice 3
Is it better to stay single and have casual sex? 3
Is that his real name? 3
It bothers me the other way around 3
It bothers me when older people disrespect younger people 3
Japanese wrestling 3
Joey Ryan's erect penis is like Hulk Hogan's YOU finger 3
Joey Ryan's penis move 3
Kind of scary 3
King of all Russians 3
Last show turned out well even with no good stories 3
Leather It Up 3
Let him express himself 3
Lets put semen in 3
Lets see huh yeah well shut the fuck up 3
Lets talk about the Tinder CEO 3
Like a helpful third arm 3
Look it up yourself 3
Looking at the view count for periscope 3
Looking for squirrel attack videos on you tube 3
Making infantile 69 jokes 3
Making it happen 3
Mark my words by this time next year we will all be speaking squirrel 3
Marriage goes against human nature 3
Marriage is kind of an antiquated concept 3
Maybe she's a racist 3
McGinty podcast 3
Me fighting Alvin and the chipmunks 3
Mentally retarded is the proper medical term 3
Mic wire tangling up again 3
Miles Long 3
Miss L 3
More twerking videos instead? 3
Mother scrubs sons face with Brillo pad 3
Mr Code 3
My grandfather 3
My hair looks okay 3
My head looks big on periscope again 3
My parents were relatively supportive 3
My wife doesn't like me talking about her on my show 3
Negative stories 3
New York daily news and their political agenda 3
New era of positivity 3
Nikki Minaj also sucks 3
Nikki Minaj's brother arrested for raping a 12 year old 3
No Johnny this week 3
No matter what I say people still watch the slideshow videos over the audio 3
No offense 3
Norton came off well 3
Not cool to do 3
Not my thing but I support you 3
Nother is not a word 3
Now I forgot what I was talking about 3
Now I remember 3
Now I think a squirrel could kick my ass 3
Off roading weird shit 3
Olympic gold medalist weed smoking Michael Phelps 3
One of my followers seems to be an escort 3
One you tube comment said the squirrel was horny 3
Opie and Jim Norton fight 3
Opie is oversensitive 3
Other animals that could or could not kick my ass 3
Other easy targets she could go after 3
Periscope show ends 3
Personal insight 3
Pitbull sucks 3
Playing some STP for an outro 3
Pro wrestling 3
Rabies shots in the stomach 3
Rad blames feminism for hook up culture 3
Rad goes after the writer of the article 3
Rad was accused of sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the past 3
Raised eye brows double chin skinny guy 3
Reading the Brillo boy story 3
STP was my first concert 3
up-solid down-solid